The quality of life is determined by its activities. ~Aristotle

In a busy and often unstable world, we know how easy it is to compromise what we feel to be so important – being healthy examples to our children; connecting with those we love; creating time for reflection and relaxation; and living life fully.  Each of us at iUnplug.com chose to be self-employed to create space for these very things in our lives, yet the reality is one of concession.

Given the technological advances of our time, we have created a world where 24/7 accessibility has become a way of life – and social media has amplified this.  We’re “Always On, Always Connected”, as reported in the survey results of the 2010 iPass Mobile Workforce Report, stating that more than 94% of those who took the survey did not completely unplug even while on vacation.

Given our own experiences along with extensive research we have done with regard to the benefits of “unplugging”, the two of us came together with the vision to create an easy and affordable way to help individuals and families make balanced, healthy decisions about their Internet use, enhancing the quality of each day, re-engaging with Life.
We’re not suggesting to people that they live “off the grid”, discard computers or cancel Internet service; it’s not technology that we feel to be the problem.  What we feel to be problematic is the 24/7 high speed accessible way of life that we’ve chosen to accept without balance or discipline and the frequency with which most people are engaged online.  Our goal is to help people understand the benefits of unplugging and make informed, balanced decisions about when to do so – managing their time online with time engaged in other activities.

There are numerous benefits to completely unplugging:

  • Decreased Levels of Stress, Anxiety & Depression
  • Reduced Stimulation
  • Better Sleep
  • Lesser Amount of Forgetfulness
  • More Ability to Focus and be Present
  • Coming Together with Family and Loved Ones
  • Improved Health & Well Being
  • Increased Creativity
  • More Energy, Enthusiasm and Feeling of Renewal

Research has shown than even after a few days unplugged, profound differences in behavior take place.  Similar to a computer, our brain needs time to pause, stop and reboot.

The key to keeping balance is understanding when you’ve lost it.  We realize that each person’s Internet use is different – some use the Internet extensively for work; others rely heavily on social networking through websites such as Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.  Spending a lot of time online only becomes a problem when it absorbs too much time, causing you to neglect relationships, work, school or other important things in your life. And only you can determine what constitutes healthy Internet use in your life.

Whether you feel your Internet use to be disruptive to your life or you simply want to create balanced “down time” for other non-Internet activities, iUnpug.com is a useful tool.

iUnplug.com wants to be a good role model.  We stand behind our application, using it to manage Internet and computer use in our own lives.  We hope you will gain some of the benefits we have and wish you a life of health, happiness and balance.

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