Floor To Ceiling Social Media Rolls On


Mature woman sitting on boxes in empty room Some like to fill their living spaces from floor to ceiling with treasures, me I like to see how little I can keep in a room and still have it function. Martin Mull has a great comedy routine about needing more space for more stuff and, it could easily be applied to our relationship with social media.

I’ve been sitting in front of my computer today (Sunday) for nearly 7 hours and I can honestly say I have more work to complete now as when I started. It’s not that I haven’t accomplished anything today far from it, I have been on a roll. It’s just that as I complete a task another expands all on its own. I suspect you know the situation I’m talking about, opportunity expands exponentially as we become more competent within the present moment at what we are doing.

But unlike a focused project expanding into a bigger and bigger creative space, Social Media tends to expand into more and more consumed time with less and less accomplished. I’m really not the only one who thinks this am I? After a while it seems like a treadmill going no where, do we each really know 5.000 and what’s happening in their life this week? Do we know what’s happening in the life of 10 people outside of our family? Really? 

The point here is to get you to think of social media like the rooms in your home or office, maybe filling up the room from floor to ceiling is really not the way to go. Maybe as we de-clutter or unplug we’ll find more space within for those closest to us and more space for ourselves.


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