Taking A Walk

Sometimes while on a long walk my attention will click on and I
realize I haven’t seen any of the objects or scenery I’ve passed by, I
haven’t felt the sun nor connected with the sweet smell of nature. The
buildings and tress have whirred by as if I was spinning on a carnival
ride seeing everything morphed into a dizzying scene.

My thoughts racing along offering tantalizing hooks for my attention to grab hold of, worry, joy, food, hurt feelings and a myriad of images to cling to all the while calmly walking between each moment oblivious to my surroundings.

I wonder, if it’s so easy to slip from mindfulness while out for a walk how hard must it be to engage in mindfulness while plugged into tech’s bubble?


  1. “A beautiful quote from Thich Nhat Hahn, and a philosophy that we at SW live by. Peace is always available to us, it is available with every breath, every step. Even in the most hectic and stressful of times, peace is available to us. #meditation #mindful…” · sophrosunewellness · Aug. 14, 2013 · Instagram